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Placing an order

Important properties and characteristics of the goods to be purchased and instructions of the use of goods can be consulted at informational pages of specific articles and detailed, actual properties of goods are included in user manuals which can be downloaded from (Help – Downloads). The Provider shall be considered to have fulfilled its contractual obligations if a product has more favourable, advantageous properties than advertised at the Website or in the user manual. The Provider shall include user manuals of products distributed thereby together with products where required by law.

The purchase price is always the amount indicated in Hungarian forints (Ft, HUF) next to the product selected, and includes value added tax unless indicated otherwise. Purchase prices of products do not include delivery costs.

The Provider reserves the right to change the prices of products available for order at the Website and such changes shall become effective at the same time as they appear at the Website. Such changes shall not affect unfavourably the purchase price of products ordered.

When initiating a payment by online credit card, we are not able to refund money if there is a price decrease between the time the electronic payment notification is sent and the time you receive the product. Security verification of online payment transactions requires at least 24 (twenty-four) hours so products may be obtained after this period only.

The Provider shall only accept an order through its Website if the User has fully completed all fields required for the order. The Provider may not be held liable for delayed delivery or other issues/problems due to ordering data provided incorrectly and/or inaccurately by Users. Certain pictures displayed are for illustration only and the Provider may not be held liable for any deviations from these.

The Provider shall publish requests for offers for the products distributed by it in the Web Store. By ordering a product, Users make offers which the Provider accepts by confirming such orders. Orders are automatically stored by the Web Store in an electronic format and the purchaser may view them later on.

Orders may be placed using the shopping cart (“Cart”) at the Products page. Users may place products selected by them in their cart by using the “Put in Cart” link at pages containing detailed product data and displayed when the User clicks a product.

The content of the Cart may be modified on the product page or in the Cart, after clicking the Put in Cart link as well: Users may return to the Products page any time by using the Back link and set the amount of each product as desired or modify, delete the content of the Cart. In case the User has finalized the content of the Cart, they can use the order summary page, displayed after clicking the Go to payment summary, to check order details before placing the order. After clicking the "Back to cart" on the order summary page, Users may modify the content of their Cart and other data again as desired.

The order shall be placed, and the offer shall be sent after Users click the Proceed to checkout link at the Delivery and invoice data summary page, at either CIB’s or Paypal’s interface as selected; furthermore, in case of a delivery address within Hungary and paying in Hungarian Forints, cash on delivery is also possible.

The Provider shall confirm purchases to Users electronically (in e-mail) within 48 (forty-eight) hours following receipt of Users’ purchase offers (orders). However, such confirmation shall not be considered an acceptance of Users’ offers. In case such confirmation is not received by Users within 48 (forty-eight) hours following the sending of an offer, the Provider shall contact the User via e-mail and inform the User on the cause of the lack of a confirmation (such as temporarily out of stock, technical issue).